<![CDATA[ - Dragon Blog]]>Sat, 02 Jan 2016 15:05:38 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[On the way´╗┐]]>Mon, 28 Dec 2015 03:55:51 GMThttp://thedancingdragon.weebly.com/dragon-blog/on-the-wayHi everyone. I want to thank you all for still checking out my website even though it has not been updated or a new post for over a year. You are truly loyal and it's so nice to see after all this time.

Over the last year and several months I have really needed to completely cut back and focus on my personal life. There were just some personal issues going on that I really needed to dedicate 110% of my attention to. At this point I am not comfortable sharing in public forum such as this what was going on but know there were several and all very pressing and important or I would have found a way to manage being present here and at home.

I am looking at starting to eventually make a come back. Talking of vending again at the GVSU Renaissance Faire in October 2017. I know it seems like such a long way out but with how long its been since I was a merchant (last event was Oct 2011!) I feel like I need the year to just make new stock. Tempted to make 100% fresh and list everything else I had on my Etsy shop for a good % off to just clear inventory. I don't know that it would sell though because it is things i have had for years now. But you never know. Who knows maybe a do a give away?

Long term down the road I would love to get back into:
1 - vending at GVSU 
2 - re-opening the Etsy store
3- 1/month ustreams
4 - 1/month crafty dragon
5 - 1/month blog posts

But this is going to be a slow weaning in process. Thank you all again for bearing with me through all of this and for such a long time. 

Until next time, may you find magic wherever you go.

​<3 Susan Marie
<![CDATA[Again with the hex signs]]>Tue, 09 Sep 2014 15:49:56 GMThttp://thedancingdragon.weebly.com/dragon-blog/again-with-the-hex-signsOur orders have finally slowed down ... just in time for our personal schedule to speed up. Right now we have 4 hex sign orders remaining before the new year. However until our schedule can have some more flexibility we will be returning to making signs as we are able and listing only completed ones at our Etsy shop. I know we keep going back and fourth with this, but that seems to be the best choice at the moment, especially with the break in placing orders. The custom listings have been deactivated for now until we are ready to be working by order again.

Don't worry we will still be making signs, and you've all shown us which are your favorites so we will be sure to get some going in between and after our current orders are complete. There are still 2 signs we currently have that are already half done and 3 more that are drawn out. Not counting the new wood that we are going to be cutting hopefully today.

We are going to make some changes to our signs. We have bought some primer that hopefully will let us draw the design on the surface still. This will allow us to hopefully only need 1 coat of the enamel paint instead of 2 to 3. Which in turn means... you get your signs faster and we can list completed signs sooner :-) Which I think would make everyone happy. I'll let you all know how the testing goes and hopefully success of it.

Also going to start mixing our own colors for some of the signs as well now that we have yellow in the same oil base as the others. We will also keep you up to date on how this turns out as well. Planning to use some empty baby food jars to hold the mixed colors and I bought some new measuring spoons so that we can hopefully create some ratio recipes for our colors.

Well better try to get to it. But first have to get the little dragons down for a nap.  Until next time, may you find magic wherever you go.

Susan Marie]]>
<![CDATA[Holy Hex Signs Batman!]]>Sat, 19 Jul 2014 22:33:16 GMThttp://thedancingdragon.weebly.com/dragon-blog/holy-hex-signs-batmanWhat we ended up doing was being very upfront with customers at our Etsy shop about the time commitment when it comes to painting our signs now. Since completing those three orders I have finished a fourth and am working on the last bit of 3 additional signs, while having 3 more on a waiting list to begin when my current orders are complete! That's a lot of signs! I was thinking before when things tide down I'll have to paint some of my most popular designs to keep up, but it's not slowing down! Not complaining just 
I've never been this busy.

Here are a few pictures of our completed signs.
And a couple of our current orders.
Twin 24 inch Morning Birds both ready for the white background and then to see what needs a second coat before drilling the screw holes.
18 inch Tree of Life, ready for the final coat of green and white then just to drill the mounting holes for the screws.

Looks like I forgot to snap a shot of our house blessing sign before it was shipped off. Sure we will get a picture sometime in the future. Once these are done we will be working on Sun, Rain and Fertility, Mighty Oak and Pineapple Welcome. 

Which reminds me of our important announcement for this post. We are at the point where the next three on the waiting list will not arrive until September, which means that the next round will end up being done in November/December. So if you would like to order a sign and have not already and want it in time for Christmas the time to order is now! Strange to think but it's true!

Have to get going for now. Thank you everyone for your support and orders to keep us busy. Til next time may you find magic wherever you go!
<![CDATA[Well phoey on that]]>Tue, 08 Apr 2014 03:24:42 GMThttp://thedancingdragon.weebly.com/dragon-blog/well-phoey-on-thatThus far since we have brought our hex signs back to our shop we have had 3 orders. It has been much more difficult that anticipated to get the painting time in we thought we would be able to originally with the baby dragons running around. At the moment I am feeling so much pressure about the orders I currently have that I am going to be removing the listings from my shop for the time being. It may be that I list them again in the future and simply note that it takes at least double of the amount of time that it did before. But I think what I am really going to end up doing is working more faithfully on 1 finishing up these 3 orders and then on completing signs for our shop and listing them as they are finished instead of having them sold before hand with a promised buyer.

What has made this a very difficult decision is that I would love so much to be able to get back into the custom listings I had been able to in the past. In many ways it was more comfortable for me to paint knowing that the sign was sold. In contrast I will be making signs that take right now about 2.5 months to complete without a guaranteed buyer. That is A LOT of time to put into something that "might" sell. 

Your thoughts are very appreciated. Please take a moment and let us know what you think about us keeping, removing or changing our custom hex sign listings.]]>
<![CDATA[Ustream video viewing fixed]]>Sat, 01 Feb 2014 03:01:56 GMThttp://thedancingdragon.weebly.com/dragon-blog/ustream-video-viewing-fixedHello everyone! So I was able to do some digging around and found out that the recorded videos of last nights hex sign painting was not set to public. But that's been fixed and now if you go to our ustream page they are there for your viewing.

Since it is now even easier to save videos I record to my computer I am thinking of re-doing the crafty dragon page (new projects on).  Where it might be easier to post a supplies list and directions but to have a video demo instead of a series of photos and text. With the hopes that you all could get to the project you are looking for faster without scrolling on and on and on.... you get the idea. I also know that page has been sorely neglected. But I have come up with a Valentines Day family project and am hoping to make and post that next month.

It's getting late and the baby dragons are asleep so best for mama dragon to try and rest too while I can. Until next time, may you find magic wherever you go. ]]>
<![CDATA[We've got work to do]]>Wed, 29 Jan 2014 19:50:49 GMThttp://thedancingdragon.weebly.com/dragon-blog/weve-got-work-to-doHello again! We have had another custom order for a hex sign so we have to get a painting! The crazy weather has been wreaking havoc on our cars here at home and even just trying to get out and about safely. Today we will be making a run to the post office to ship out and order we have ready. But we also wanted to give you all another update.

We have had some successful communications with the fae community and they have permitted us to create doorways into their realm to invite them to come and linger in the gardens and homes of believers who are kind and respectful of their folk. Door designs are still being developed but should be ready to welcome fae come spring!

Until next time, may you find magic wherever you go.]]>
<![CDATA[Blurr and boo]]>Mon, 27 Jan 2014 01:51:14 GMThttp://thedancingdragon.weebly.com/dragon-blog/blurr-and-booHello Everyone! Sure that many of you have also had lots and lots of snow and cold and wind and we sure did here! Right now I have almost a 5 foot high snow drift in my drive way... and I also got a call from the doctor saying that it turns out I have strep throat. With those two things together it is unfortunately causing a delay in shipping out our sale orders from our Etsy shop. But no worries, those who have needed to wait will be receiving a little surprise with their order as a thank you. Hopefully soon the snow will be cleared up and we will be healthy enough to be active and like out of the house again. Take care of yourselves this winter! Until next time, may you find magic where]]><![CDATA[Here we are painting again!]]>Sun, 19 Jan 2014 20:28:33 GMThttp://thedancingdragon.weebly.com/dragon-blog/here-we-are-painting-againHello all! Hope you have been braving the winter cold well! Wanted to announce that we have started offering our custom hex signs again at our Etsy shop. We already have our first order for a Sun, Rain and Fertility sign and are expecting more. And once we started ohh we felt the painting itch and are scratching it! Found some already cut but unpainted boards in our studio so we now have an 18 inch Tree of Life, Irish Hex, Good Luck, Love and Happiness and Bless this House and an 8 inch Single Distelfink and Morning Birds in the making too! 
We'll start with these and am sure more will be on the way once we finish them up and can get more hardboard cut. If you want to see what we are offering at our Etsy shop to order you can check it out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/thedancingdragon?section_id=14861746&ref=shopsection_leftnav_8.

Is there a sign you'd love to see us make? Leave a comment and let us know. Always looking for some feedback on what you'd like to see.

Also starting to look ahead to this years faire season. Not sure if we will be able to pull together enough merchandise in order to participate this year. We will have to see what all we can get made.

That's all for now. I ended up getting sick with a sinus infection so have to get back to soup and bed again. Stay warm and well! Until next time may you find magic where ever you go!
<![CDATA[About time - good grief]]>Thu, 12 Dec 2013 11:22:37 GMThttp://thedancingdragon.weebly.com/dragon-blog/about-time-good-griefYikes! I hadn't realized it has been oh 5 months! since I did a blog post! Good grief! Things sure have been crazy around here - as I'm sure you can tell by how much I have not been able to update until now.

First - business
Our Etsy shop re-opened last month and we are currently holding a really fantastic deal between now and December 25th. 

15% off your entire purchase of $20 or more
coupon code: HOLIDAY2013

All art prints 50% off! ($4 and up)

We are also currently toying with the idea of bringing back our custom order hex signs. They have done well in the past at our store, though it was hard to know customers had to wait 30+ days to receive their order. A couple of items being considered before I list more at our shop:
We have 2 young dragons at home now and so where it took on average 30 days to paint a sign before - it will now take longer. 
Also like before we do need to receive payment in full before we begin working on the sign.

In other news here at home things have been hectic but slowly settling down. Baby dragon is 3 1/2 months old now, and big brother dragon is almost 2 years old. Getting ready for the Christmas holiday, which isn't easy when you have two dragons running a muck. 
But it just wouldn't be the same without lights. ^-^ Soon we hope to get the tree up and stockings hung. Hope that all of you are enjoying the beginning of the holiday season. Remember to always be safe when you are celebrating. 

Until next time may you find magic wherever you go.
<![CDATA[One Hot Summer]]>Wed, 03 Jul 2013 21:09:53 GMThttp://thedancingdragon.weebly.com/dragon-blog/one-hot-summerSorry it has been so long again folks since I have updated. We're plugging away here and getting ready for our next baby dragon to hatch. We are expecting them to arrive sometime around mid August. When they are here we are planning to have our Etsy shop go on vacation a few weeks before their expected arrival and the first month afterward so that our family can adjust to the new and exciting changes of having two little dragons around. This also means that again this fall we will not be a merchant at the GVSU Renaissance Faire taking place this October 5th and 6th. However it is still a wonderful event and I hope that if you can you will be able to stop by and enjoy yourselves.

Until then we are going along much the same at we always have. A few treasures have found new homes from our shop and we are always getting new ideas for things in the future. We will keep you all posted as to when we go on leave]]>